Site web Photo identité 1CrissJamm was born in the winter of 1973 in the south of France. The first air he breathed was therefore sea air, in close proximity to the Grands Causses. Every summer, he returned to this village that he grew up in and his paternal grandmother that he loved so much. He lived and breathed the arid land of the Larzac. He enjoyed observing the ruiniform rocks and carline thistles…discovering one thing after another. These encounters with nature were a source of relaxation and energy.

He wanted to become an archaeologist. Eventually he chose to study engineering and construction work. His first foray into photography took place during the first term of studying; he convinced the director of the institution to transform one of the bathrooms into a traditional photography lab. He enjoyed teaching his fellow students and soon organized a group exhibition at the school. He was 19. His equilibrium fluctuated between being rational and emotional, as well as between analysis and imagination.

He travels extensively, sometimes living and working far beyond the borders of France. For twenty years he devoted his time to exploit photography in order to conserve his discoveries. He gained experience and pursued a career project managing the renovation of historical monuments (mansions, hospitals, barracks, factories, etc.). He appreciates fine stone and architecture and finally found meaning in bringing new life to dormant buildings, establishing and unifying teams, but also and above all finally working within an artistic context that resonated with him. Throughout the whole of his professional career, he has fostered his inner joy by immortalising these buildings with the light over the course of their transformations. Moreover he gradually became aware that he himself was changing! He subsequently realized that buildings no doubt provide great grounds for learning. By accepting himself, and not by compensating, he consolidated his own bases: he shaped his own structure.

For years he learned about the history of photography. He carried out workshops with photographers with a range of nuances. The work of the following photographers appealed to him: Lucien Clergue; Henri Cartier Bresson; Sergio Larrain; Manuel Alvarez Bravo; Vivian Maier; Sebastiao Salgado; and many others.

He gradually opened up and exhibited some of his photos to the general public. As a consequence, people began to take an interest. A new photographer, with a new signature style was in the making. He transforms moments, capturing our movements in usual or else exceptional contexts, as if they should all have a showcase of their own. He is a unique artist, a photographer who is gradually being identified by collectors. Simplicity, grace and elegance characterize his style.

Steeped in humanity, sensitivity, sensuality and meaning, he is guided by his intuition now more than ever. It is key that his intuition is unique with a view to excellence. His goal is simple: to subtly capture the opportune moment, by creating chemistry between the emotion of the subject and the equilibrium of the forms.

He is working on different projects in series such as architecture, the equestrian world, nature, trees, female nudes, portraits, etc. He likes to work to order, and is open-minded. He is a prolific creator exploring the art of photography to please the senses.

He lives and works in Paris.

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